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Forge and Furnace

We are now changing our name! Instead of Forge and Furnace we will now be called,
E. Braastad Glass. Everything will be staying the same except the name! 

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Welcome to Forge and Furnace!

   Since they were children, brothers Aiden and Ethen Braastad have been inspired by industrial art. Now in their late teens, they have started their own small business.

   Coming from 5 generations of Blacksmiths, Aiden discovered his own passion for the trade when he began taking metalwork classes with his father Corey, at the age of 10. Since then, he has invested his time, energy, and love for metalworking into his forge.

   Glassblowing has been a part of Ethen’s life since he attended a class for fun while visiting Seattle. As soon as Ethen held a glassblowing pipe in his hands, he realized that this is what he wanted to do for the rest of his life. Ethen has since worked with the best glass blowers in the world and has his own furnace.

  Aiden and Ethen’s enthusiasm for education and entrepreneurship continue into their personal lives. Aiden is a full-time Biology student, while Ethen graduated high school, and is a full-time entrepreneur.

  The brothers hope that you are excited by their industrial art and thank you for your support!


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